Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma: The Sneaky Thief of Vision.

If you put too much air in a balloon, the air pressure will find any weakness in the wall of the balloon and cause it to release itself by exploding.

If there is too much intraocular fluid in a human eye, this causes elevation of the intraocular pressure in the eye which often results in damage to the fragile nerves that populate the retina. Damage to these fragile retinal nerves robs you of your night vision, peripheral vision, black and white vision and motion vision. We call this particular type of visual loss glaucoma. And there are rarely any warning signs of glaucoma.

There are two types of Glaucoma. Open Angle and Narrow Angle Glaucoma.

Open Angle Glaucoma is characterized by excessive production of aqueous humor in an eye, which has an open anterior chamber angle. The drainage system is functioning properly, however, there is a torrential production of fluid in the eye with a functional drainage system which cannot accommodate this elevated level of aqueous production. This type of glaucoma is generally treated with the daily administration of eye drops which reduces the production of aqueous humor to a more normal level.

Narrow Angle Glaucoma is divided into two types: Chronic and Acute. Chronic Narrow Angle Glaucoma is a condition characterized by an eye that is producing a normal amount of aqueous humor; however, the eye’s drainage angle is somewhat narrowed so that the eye is unable to sufficiently carry away enough aqueous humor, causing the buildup of pressure. An Acute Narrow Angle Glaucoma attack is an ocular emergency characterized by a complete closure of the drainage system which results in severe ocular pain, nausea and disorientation. There are no early warning signs in cases of acute narrow angle glaucoma attacks.

At Four County Family Eye Care Center, I am committed to looking for and identifying the signs and symptoms of glaucoma on a daily basis. It never ceases to amaze me just how prevalent the suspicion of glaucoma is in my patients. I see patients from Atco, Berlin, West Berlin, Sicklerville, Waterford, Hammonton, Cedarbrook, Blue Anchor, Folsom, Williamstown, West Atco, Marlton, Lindenwold, Gibbsboro, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Collings Lakes, and Erial. This past year I have seen and treated glaucoma suspects from every single one of those towns.

If you have not had a comprehensive eye exam during the past twelve months, do yourself a favor and get one. You won’t be sorry you did, I guarantee it!

Four County Family Eyecare, founded in 1973 by Optometrist Dr. Michael S. Cohen, is located in Berlin, New Jersey. Dr. Cohen offers vision and eye exams, eye glasses, contact lenses, Lasik consultation and pre-screening for patients in Berlin, New Jersey, Williamstown, NJ, Hammonton, Atco, and Sicklerville as well as Voorhees, NJ Cherry Hill, Pine Hill and Lindenwold.

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  1. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    I greatly appreciate the way you explain optometric diagnoses, with a combination of technical terminology and everyday comparisons, to make it easy to understand.

    I learned more about maintaining good eye health while wearing contacts in our first eye exam, than I have in the last 20+ years since I started wearing them!

    It’s definitely worth the drive from Collingswood to Berlin to get the quality of care you provide!


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