Dr. Michael Cohen, Grandfather
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A Career in Optometry is Pretty Wonderful

Joseph Philip Cohen was born at 2:19 A.M. on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. He is the first-born son of my son, David (Dov) Herschel Cohen and his beautiful bride, Christine. Joseph Philip is the great grandson of my father, Dr. Philip Cohen and my mother, Thelma. While none of my four children chose to follow in the footsteps of my father and me, I am looking forward to the day when my grandson graduates from Pennsylvania College of Optometry (Salus University) and becomes Dr. Joseph Philip Cohen.

It is very hard for me to put into words, what it felt like to become a grandfather for the first time. All of my patients, my brother, Donald Paul Cohen, and my friends who preceded me in this rite of passage told me that it was something very special to become a grandfather. However you really have to experience the birth of a grandchild yourself, to be able to understand what it is that your friends and family are crowing about.

When my children were born, I was so busy trying to build my fledgling optometric practice and provide for them, I missed out on some of the simple things like holding the newborn in my lap and hoping that he would open his eyes and look at me. There just never seemed to be enough time to watch my newborns purse their lips because diapers had to be changed.
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