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Comprehensive Eye Exams

An annual eye examination is an important part of preventive health care. A comprehensive optometric examination includes a detailed medical and ocular history, automated keratometry and automated refraction, a subjective refraction, Goldmann Applanation tonometry, a dilated fundus examination, and a detailed explanation of the results of the examination.

Ocular Health

For patients who are experiencing symptoms such as eye pain, redness, sudden reduction in vision in one or both eyes, sudden-onset of double vision, foreign body sensation, seeing spots or floaters, loss of depth perception, itching, burning, or seeing red, we are available to evaluate, diagnose, and treat these problems in a timely manner. If the problem requires specialized attention, we have a good referral relationship with the top eye surgeons in the Delaware Valley.

Eye Glasses

Four County Family Eye Care Center displays a full line of designer eye glass frames, offers prescription single vision, bifocal, and multifocal eye glass lenses, polarized sun glass lenses, ultra-thin and shatterproof lenses, as well as computer lenses. Gina McNair is our resident ophthalmic dispenser who scours the globe each year for the best materials money can buy. Gina has thirty years of experience in the eye care field. She offers consultative services to make sure that the eye glasses that you purchase from us look great, fulfill all of your visual needs, and do not break your bank. Our eye glass frames come with a one-year warranty.

Contact Lenses

Dr. Michael Cohen has over forty years of experience fitting rigid gas permeable and soft contact lenses. He uses the best contact lens materials. Whether you need single vision, mono-vision, multifocal, or keratoconic contact lenses, Dr. Cohen has all the information you need to make certain that you are fitted with the right lenses for you. In addition, we offer instruction in the care and handling and the insertion and removal of contact lenses. If you lose or damage a contact lens, we do stock replacement lenses to get your vision up to speed as quickly as possible.

Pediatric & Specialty Services

Dr. Cohen has spent a large part of his career working with kids. One of his favorite specialties is fitting children with contact lenses. If you think that your child is responsible enough to care for contact lenses, Dr. Cohen can make your child’s dreams come true. If your child wants eyeglasses but does not need them, Dr. Cohen can sniff out a faker. You’d be amazed how many kids fail school screenings on purpose because they have a buddy who wears really cool glasses!

Lasik Consultation & Prescreening

It is important to understand that not everyone is a good candidate for refractive surgery. Patients who have very thin corneas, high hyperopia, and very high degrees of nearsightedness are unlikely to benefit from refractive surgery. However, Dr. Cohen is a big fan of refractive surgery for his patients and he has guided many of them through the ins and outs of successful refractive surgery over the past ten years. Dr. Cohen works closely with the refractive surgeons at Kremer/TLC to make sure that his refractive surgical patients are 20/HAPPY with the outcome of their procedure. As a rule, refractive surgery is performed on both eyes on the same day. If you are interested in refractive surgery, allow Dr. Cohen the opportunity to prescreen you and you will rest assured that you will get an honest assessment of the risks and benefits of refractive surgery in your case.

Prescription Sunglasses & Athletic Eyewear

Four County Family Eye Care Center carries a full line of prescription sun wear. We love polarizing sunglasses, Transitions, and Photogray lenses. In addition, we have prescription eye wear for all sports. Whether you need swim goggles or ski goggles, we can make it happen. For kids who play scholastic contact sports, we have safety frames and shatterproof lenses that are guaranteed to meet the rules and regulations of the State of New Jersey. Our ophthalmic dispenser, Gina McNair, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about sunglasses and athletic eyewear.

Four County Family Eyecare, founded in 1973 by Optometrist Dr. Michael S. Cohen, is located in Berlin, New Jersey. Dr. Cohen focuses on family eye care, vision and eye exams, eye glasses, contact lenses, Lasik consultation and pre-screening for patients in Berlin, New Jersey, Williamstown, NJ, Hammonton, Atco, Sicklerville, Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Pine Hill and Lindenwold.


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