The Drag Racer

The Optometrist and the Drag Racer

It was the end of a rather busy day when one of my favorite and most loyal patients came in for his annual eye examination and a contact lens evaluation. He is one of the most intelligent and engaging people I’ve met in my forty-one years in practice; some appointments, I think I learn more from him than he does from me.

This patient is extremely myopic; i.e. he is very nearsighted. He can be found most weekends racing his dragster at the Atco Drag Strip. He wins far more races than he loses! He drives like he is … smart.

He wears soft contact lenses to enhance his peripheral vision most of the time, especially when he is racing. He is meticulous about scheduling his annual eye exams and contact lens check-ups. He always elects to be my last patient of the day because he loves our give and take at his annual visits to my office. My staff generally brings snacks, anticipating a late night, when they see this patient’s name in my appointment book.

In any event, he came in for his Thursday night appointment, and we got right into it. We talked and talked about anything and everything. Finally, there was only one more thing that needed to be done … a dilated examination of his retinas. He demurred when I informed him that it was time to dilate his pupils, “Let’s skip the dilation this year; I’m hungry and it’s late.”
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